Isenberg Reacts: WWE Smackdown Live “Depth is An Issue on Tuesday Nights”

No Suitors For The Wyatt Family

wwe smackdown live

To kick off the action inside of the ring on Smackdown Live, The Wyatt Family defended the WWE Smackdown Live Tag Team Championships against Heath Slater and Rhyno. Similar to how Sunday played out, The Wyatt’s were victorious when Bray Wyatt served up Slater for an RKO. After the match, the men posed and it seemed to be the end of Slater and Rhyno.

Another night and another relatively short tag team championship match. It could not have been longer than 6-7 minutes. Do I wish it was longer? Absolutely, but the gimmick and the mystery behind this new found stable keeps me intrigued. It keeps the fans wanting more and wanting to see what is next. That is a hard question to answer. Who is next and what is next for them? I assume that there might not be one specific team next, but multiple ones. When the time is right, American Alpha would benefit as their counter parts. I do expect them to cruise through the next month and enter the Royal Rumble match accordingly.

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Who Attacked Nikki Bella?

A Match between Carmella and Natalya never really got started, as both women brawled and then Nattie chased her in the back. She would run into Nikki, who eyed her down and tried to explain that it was not her who attacked the former champion at Survivor Series. Nikki would walk away and Natayla looked flustered.

If WWE is smart, you have the attacker become Eva Marie. You want Nikki to be a face, so serve her up the one woman with the most heat in WWE. It can also help Eva, who is treading a similar path Nikki did when she first came into the WWE. I would be 100% for this feud, but am worried Natalya will confess and then we get a Nikki/Natalya feud that will not really benefit either woman.

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