Isenberg Reacts: WWE RAW “Victory is All You Need”

Chemistry Within The Tag Teams


Enzo and Cass teamed up with Gallows and Anderson to defeat Golden Truth and The Shining Stars. Yes, it was a backwards episode of RAW, where enemies had to team up. A few brilliant moves here were Gallows and Anderson interrupting the S-A-W-F-T chant, as well as teasing Enzo getting the chance to pick up the win for his team. Classic heel heat and something so similar for everyone involved.

The match itself did not interest me because of who Gallows and Anderson, along with Enzo and Cass, faced. The Shining Stars continue to be a team that puts others over, while R-Truth and Goldust are a poor man’s Goldust/Booker T, Goldust/Lance Storm or Goldust and whoever else he was randomly paired with early 2000’s. It is just not entertaining, plain and simple.

WZ 6

The New Day loses to Jericho, Braun and Rollins

Six man tag team action, with WWE trying to bring together the three men who have never teamed with one another. I will say that the match was pretty entertaining and continued to show the speed and agility from Strowman. Watch his speed when running over Big E on the outside and the ease of tossing these 200-250 pound men around like wood. He is not like Big Show. He is not like Mark Henry. If anything, he is a faster and more elusive Kane.

It could have been extremely easy for WWE to give The New Day the win, but they do not need it. RAW needed to find their guys being able to work together, even if they do not like one another. The scarf segment with these three was funny, unique and makes us appreciate Chris Jericho inside and outside of the ring.

With a victory over The New Day, it does not hurt them and only helps the fans think that RAW can come together. That was, until a Pedigree dropped Chris Jericho. I felt that it really was not needed to enhance what we already know about the two of them.

WZ 7