Isenberg Reacts: Impact Wrestling “Title Feud Heats Up”

The Transformation of Matt Hardy

I am still trying to figure this out. I love Matt and I love that this is a new character, a darker and deeply confused man who seems like the world has gone black. The slight change in accent is interesting with his hair and physical look on point. I love the hair, the color of it and the stylistic changes he has brought since his return.

His match with EC3 was very good, sound and physical. You can see how he changes his plan of attack, his speed and execution to adapt to the character he is now. He cannot execute the moves like he used to back in his older gimmick because it just does not translate well on television. I do think that is one thing that many performers forget. They must stay in character and MUST be the gimmick with every punch and every kick.

With Mike Bennett attacking EC3 to cause a DQ, I feel like TNA is really letting these two men just go out there and be themselves. Two cocky and arrogant characters with great ring presence is what makes this work. The Miracle and EC3 will definitely have a great match at Slammiversary and I do think the next few weeks will be a great opportunity to put doubt in fans’ minds that Bennett might actually lose.

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