Isenberg Reacts: Impact Wrestling “Wicked Willow and Confusing Championship Match”

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Jeff Hardy Finds Out Who Is Willow

Jeff Hardy is confronted by Willow and a match ensues, which ended pretty quickly. More Willows come out and it seems like the leader of this group of Willow’s order them to take out Jeff Hardy. He takes the mask off and it is a more edgy and dark Matt Hardy. He orders the others to leave and he chokes out his brother before leaving.

We all knew who was under mask, but the execution was solid. Matt did a great job at adapting to what was needed and that was more creativity and more mocking his brother. If they had more time, I would have extended this a little longer before revealing. I would have even had Matt Hardy appear outside of Willow later in the night to make people question who is REALLY behind it. I am really looking forward to their final encounter and how they deliver in the next few weeks. This is a feud that does not NEED a championship on the line, but how great would it be for the best heel in the business to fight off his brother, who has always been a fan favorite anywhere he goes?

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Velvet Sky’s Curtain Call

Velvet said goodbye to TNA tonight when she suffered a loss against Sienna. The match was rather short and I wish TNA built the match like many of Velvet’s other contests, where she could get beaten down and down again but battling back to give it one last shot. Sienna gets great heat by retiring one of the cornerstone pieces in the Knockouts Division for so many years. She was a model employee who adapted to the times, who continued to be the definition of strong and sexy. I have always enjoyed her consistency and intrigue on the screen and wish her all the best.

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