Isenberg Reacts: Impact Wrestling “Slow Build For Matt and Jeff Hardy Is Best”

Feast or Fired

impact wrestling

In a Feast or Fired Match, Eli Drake, Drew Galloway, James Storm and Grado all retrieve briefcases and later in the night you find out the following: Eli Drake get a King of the Mountain match, while James Storm grabs a TNA Tag Team Championship match, Drew Galloway earns a world championship match and Grado is fired.

After all of the men grabbed briefcases, you just knew who was going to get what. Beer Money earns a tag team title shot, which makes sense. Give them the opportunity to fight for the titles that they basically put on the map years ago. If you want Beer Money together, they must dethrone the champions and carry the titles to get OTHER teams over. It all starts with them in this division and needs to be the focal point for a young or new team to learn from.

Drew Galloway is world champion material, but he has yet to find the right feud to get him there. Will a feud with Matt Hardy help? With a guy so dedicated and good at his craft, Galloway can only get better and bigger with a feud like this. I hope it happens sooner rather than later, with Drew calling his shot. This way, they have a month to build something fun and entertaining.

Eli Drake is in the perfect spot. Get a King of the Mountain title shot and see if he can progress any higher than a mid-card guy. He has a good look, but is still very generic to many casual fans. Hopefully, this gives him meaning each week and gives him time to develop.

Grado is gone. I never loved his gimmick, but he is a talented wrestler. Go make money on your own, kid.

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