Isenberg Reacts: Impact Wrestling “We Knew It Would Be Like This”

Bobby Lashley Advances

What you see in this match is the veteran (which is the right call) getting the win over the young guy who is deemed “this close” to breaking through. Like I mentioned, he will have big plans in 2016 for this company but I do think the time is now for Lashley to advance. He remains a top contender and should always be in consideration for a main event spot, title or not.

WZ 6

Eric Young Advances

The most polished and believable heel advances to the semi-finals of the World Title Series with a victory over Tigre Uno. Call me crazy, but this was the most predictable outcome of the night. With that being said, EY and Tigre Uno put on a very athletic and fun match. You got some reminder from Young in his earlier days leading Canada as a heel in the ring. His ego and tactics are really strong tonight and his timing with Tigre was constant.

For as much as people complain about Uno botching moves, he is still a very solid and electric performer. I feel like his botching is over exaggerated because they happen at poor times in the match. Also, it is very difficult to cover up such high-risk moves if they fail.

WZZ 6.5