Isenberg Reacts: Impact Wrestling “The Truth Behind Tag Team Wrestling”

Knockouts Action on Impact

impact wrestlingImpact Wrestling starts with some Knockouts action. The match starts quick, with a few pinfall attempts from each woman. Madison slugs away with some punches and then hits a baseball slide on the outside. Gail is able to hit a cross body and both women spill to the outside.

Gail catches Madison’s kicking attempt and throws her down face first onto the ring steps. They both get to their feet and trade right hands until Madison hits an enziguiri. She only gets a two count, so Madison goes for a suplex. Gail counters with a cradle and picks up the win.

This was a pretty decent match with some physical spots from both women. The combination of size from each woman kept the pace moving and showcased the athleticism. I thought Gail was going to win based on her being much better as an overall performer, but Madison really held her own and shows why she is still a very serviceable woman in this division. I just miss Taryn Terrell, I really do.

WZ 5.5

Eli Drake defeated Jesse Godderz

In a match of two young talents, Drake and Godderz reminded me of an old school brawl. Both men, physically eye-opening, exchanged some big blows throughout. Godderz goes for a press slam and Drake gets out. Godderz is able to hit some clotheslines and a scoop slam for two. Godderz hits an enziguri for a two count. Both men try to roll each other up with hands on the tights, but the ref catches them Drake ends up knocking Jesse off the top rope to get the win.

I was confused at why two good heels are facing off, but they implemented both men trying to cheat to win. They kept their heel tactics and it actually worked for me. Like I said, both men are really talented, but I would have given the W to Jesse. He just has a more developed and “main event ready” character. I would go as far as saying The Masterpiece is a poor man’s Jesse G.

WZ 6