Isenberg Reacts: Impact Wrestling “Jesse Godderz Steals The Show”

impact wrestlingBram vs. Joseph Park

Bram takes on Park and smacks him in the face. Park smacks him in the face and gets fired up. Bram clotheslines him and takes over. He punches Park in the head and heads to the outside. Bram misses a chair shot and Park punches him in the face. Park looks to use the chair and Bram knocks him down. More kicks and Bram yells at Park. Bram grabs a table and sets it in the corner. Park low blows him and tries to use the Kendo Stick. He hits him the stomach a few times and hits a chokeslam. Bram kicks out and spears Park through the table. Bram picks up the win.

Winner: Bram

Looking at Bram, he has an incredible look. The size, the hair and the insane look he possess each time. With that being said, this was not my favorite night of his. He was controlled and grounded too much from a former “TNA star.” I was never a huge fan of Joseph Park. Abyss is a much more sensible and developed character. Bram, if wanting to call out former TNA guys, should aim higher. But seriously, this feels like EC3 beating “TNA legends,” but to a lesser scale.

WZ 4.5

The Dollhouse vs. Awesome Kong and Brooke

Jade and Marti attack Brooke before Kong comes out. When Kong makes her way, she begins to dominate Marti and Jade. Brooke and Marti go at it and she gets choked into the middle rope. The knockouts double team and Taryn directs them what to do from the outside. Brooke tries to fight back, but to no avail. Brooke whips her into the ropes and then gets kicked in the back. Jade gets into the ring and hits a snap suplex. Jade misses a moonsault and Brooke finally tags in Kong. Clotheslines and a body slam, but Jade and Marti try to hit a suplex. Kong reverses it and looks right at Taryn. Brooke spears Jade and Kong hits a chokeslam. Brooke gets on Kong’s shoulders and drops an elbow for the win.

 Not enough Taryn and that was a problem for me. She did her part on the outside, but her in the ring means just as much as outside. She is the longest reigning Knockouts Champion in history and this should have been pointed out tonight from her and not the commentators.

I can see a 30-way for the title coming up, but how does Taryn escape this? She must continue her reign as champion. Kong is at a point where a title means nothing to her. Gail Kim can always become champion again, but this is more about the progression of a young woman who has come far to get to this successful point in her career.

WZ 5.5