WZ Mailbag: John Cena Heel Turn, Bray Wyatt’s Gimmick, TNA’s Future, Does WWE Have Competition?, Much More

john cenaWelcome to this week’s edition of the WZ Mailbag! Please send in questions to [email protected] or post them at this link if you’d like you questions answered! Feel free to leave your opinion in the comments or on my twitter @MaxCruzePW.

Assuming that John Cena turns heel before the end of his career, when and how do you think he will do it?

Let me start off by saying that the WWE will never again turn Cena heel, he just brings in so much revenue and it would be stupid of WWE to risk that. Now if it were to happen (which it won’t) it would be against a veteran like The Rock. Even then WWE won’t risk it, even if they are somewhat forced to like during his “Once in a Lifetime”match with the Rock back at WM 28. 

Do you think Bray Wyatt’s gimmick is running its course? What would you do to improve/renew it?

No, absolutely not, Bray Wyatt’s gimmick is just something special and I don’t want to see it changed. It is one of those ‘one in a million’ type of characters like The Undertake’s “Dead Man” gimmick and I would not want to see it changed for the world. Being booked properly is the biggest problem here as WWE is not allowing him to shine in a dominant position in the WWE. Just imagine how good he could be if he was headlining PPVs.  

Do you believe that TNA will ever again be the company it once was? If so, why?

No, unfortunately, I don’t think it will ever be as successful as it once was. Now that they are Destination America, it gives them far less reach into the public’s eye. The are constantly averaging 400k viewers each week (give or take) compared to the 1 million viewers they had on Spike, not to mention they lost a great deal of their audience in Canada. TNA can’t even keep up with their pay right now, if that’s not troubling for a company, I dont know what is. TNA is slowly destroying itself from the inside, unfortunately, and will never be back to the company they were a few years ago, at least I don’t think.