My Favorite Gifts in Professional Wrestling: Looking Back on 2014

josh isenbergThis year, professional wrestling has given us many gifts this year. Whether you see it or not, it is there. We had an incredible WrestleMania, marked with moments that we will soon not forget. We had some excellent rises to star power, resurrections of former World Champions (Dolph, baby!) and had some critical moments in the history of the WWE.


Who could forget legends in the ring like Hogan, Rock and Austin? How about Daniel Bryan beginning and ending WrestleMania on top? We saw the rise of the youth, as well as some veterans getting another shot at glory. In this holiday season, it is easy to talk about what you hated, but I am going the harder route and discussing what we loved in 2014.

Honorable mentions:

*Josh Isenberg Specials: Paige, Charlotte and Natalya.

*Daniel Bryan’s rise

*Dolph Ziggler

*Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman