Wrestlezone’s Top Ten “Must See” 2014 WWE Hall of Fame Inductees

WWE Hall of FameEarlier this week I set out to do a TOP TEN WOMEN IN PRO WRESTLING HISTORY, in honor of the late and great Mae Young, who passed away Tuesday night. I got through half of the article, but in the end I decided it's not a topic I ultimately feel comfortable talking about. There's simply not enough written information on the career of Mae Young – most of what fans today know about her has nothing to do with her time as a pro wrestler, but more as a nostalgia and comedy act. It would have been extremely hard for me to objectively rank Mae with legends like Moolah, Wendi Richter, and Manami Toyota. That said, I want to express my heart-felt condolences to the friends and family of one of the best ever, and my gratitude for an unparalleled and highly entertaining career. 

This week's TOP TEN focuses on who I want to see announced for the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame. These "must see" candidates all deserve a nod as legendary performers, and – this is very important – WWE has the capability to announce all of them in the coming months. 

The Ultimate Warrior was on this list, which I started putting together several weeks ago, but thankfully WWE made the right call and announced him as the very first name for this year's class. 

Update: I've already received questions from fans wanting to know where Owen Hart and Sting are on this list. Sting gets talked about every single year, as does Owen. Many people on this list, save for the major names I feel WWE could actually induct this year, aren't in the annual buzz. I just don't think another top ten list can really benefit from talking about Sting and Owen Hart more than they already have.