He Said/She Said: Taz/WWE Return, DeMott, Shady Promoter

It's Time To Intervene, WWE

WWE NXTFormer WWE developmental star Derek Foore says the following about Bill DeMott in a recent interview: "If you messed up on a spot, he'd break a yard stick over your back."

We live in a world now where words are no longer "just words". The public attacks on WWE's head trainer Bill DeMott could all be nonsense. But it's likely to cost him his job anyway.

Me? I think a lot of it has merit and deserves investigation. The problem is that it won't matter what an internal investigation might find, or not find, at the end of the day. The damage has been done and there's likely more to come.

WWE doesn't "need" Bill DeMott; they need disgruntled ex-employees to quit burying their current ones. Getting rid of DeMott (again) is the easiest way to ensure that happens.

Training for a physical sport such as wrestling should be hard though. They should be put through the ringer. Their mental state should be tested just the same. But there's a fine line.

These former developmentees aren't just saying DeMott was tough on them and hurt their feelings. They are making bold statements.

Yard sticks being broken over backs, being forced to train naked — it's definitely not right, but would make for one hell of a reality show. Maybe that's how WWE can spin it in their favor.

The WWE Network needs content, I'm sure.

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