Punk Called It, Triple H Did It/Credit Where It’s Due/Fake Wrestling Logic 101

CM PunkWhen C.M. Punk went on hiatus with the WWE belt in 2011, he said he wanted to affect change.

WWE has changed. Ironically, the man who seems to have implemented it is Punk’s storyline oppressor at that time, Triple H.

WWE has quietly become a very solid WRESTLING PROMOTION. Wins and championships mean something. There’s still way too much “general manager” nonsense that tries to cover for legit booking. But, more and more, WWE storylines are traditional. Stories told in-ring are traditional.

There’s less sports entertainment, but more actual entertainment.

Punk deserves a share of the credit. His 434-day WWE title reign (and especially the way he sold it) got the focus of the promotion back on center.

But as Triple H gains more control and influence, WWE is simply LESS STUPID.

There’s a right way and wrong way to do fake wrestling. Triple H knows the right way and, unlike his father-in-law, is satisfied with administrating a good WRESTLING COMPANY. Trips is content to go back to the future.

Vince McMahon has always harbored a secret shame about what he does. That’s why he’s always sidetracked himself with things like movies, the WBF, the XFL and involving celebrities (some apropos, some not) with WWE.

Triple H’s priorities don’t go further than WRESTLING. I’m not saying he’s Sam Muchnick, but he sees the value and potential in DOING WRESTLING WELL.

Right now, WWE is.

There’s still stuff on every Raw that ABSOLUTELY SUCKS. That’s going to happen on a three-hour show. Totally unavoidable. The show’s too long.

But generally, WWE provides a good, episodic product. Too many part-time stars, yeah, but WWE is finally getting over new guys. Exhibit A: The Shield. (BTW, if Ryback is fading, that’s on him. Too one-dimensional. Just a catch phrase.)

No one likes to hate more than I do. Just my nature. But I’m greatly enjoying the build to WrestleMania.

Can WWE maintain its momentum coming out of ‘Mania? That’s the big question. Will they go all the way with Ambrose, Reigns and Rollins? That’s another big question. Will they get sabotaged backstage? It has happened before.


Bruno Sammartino is so bitter about others (like Hulk Hogan) having eclipsed his star that he’s not been able to enjoy the fame he had. But it’s still good that he’s getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame (even if it’s mostly for a payday).

Sammartino is the foundation WWE is built upon. If it hadn’t been for his success as champion, the company might not have survived.

I know he won’t appreciate it. Not like he should, anyway. He’s incapable of joy. Sammartino is too busy being right, and adjusting the chip on his shoulder.

But it’s good that it’s happening. (More) kudos to Triple H. He got it done.

DDMe is a self-promoting jackass who never does anything for anybody without thinking how it reflects on him. How it furthers his agenda. The main reason he’s helping Jake Roberts and Scott Hall is to polish his halo and promote DDMe yoga.

But, if this helps Jake and Scott, God bless DDMe. Considering where Jake and Scott are at, well…by any means necessary.

DDMe and Hall go way back. As Hall once said, “I love Dally to death. But being his friend is EXHAUSTING.” (Rolls eyes, sighs deeply.) But…the same can certainly be said of Scott. Perhaps accounts are evening.


Kurt AngleIf Kurt Angle knows who the leader of Aces & Eights is, why do we have to wait ‘til next week (or whenever) to find out? This is the age of information. Why didn’t Kurt tweet it in the immediate aftermath?

I suppose the same could be said of almost any fake wrestling cliffhanger. But something about this one (like so much of Impact) just rings silly.

But logic doesn’t matter…IF IT WORKS. Consider the Lesnar-Triple H angle. The heel bled. The babyface already got his revenge. Vince was bullying Heyman. Why did Vince deserve to be rescued? But it WORKED. It FELT RIGHT.

The Angle/Aces & Eights semi-reveal reminded me of The Midnight Rider barging into the heels’ dressing room to confront Barry Windham after he joined The Four Horsemen. The Rider got unmasked but, doggone it, the camera didn’t catch it.

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