Wrestlezone Top 10: Shocking Heel Turns

Number 10: Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho

It was shocking to me to see Jericho, who was beloved by the fans, to turn on Shawn Michaels. Throwing Michaels into the expensive Jeritron 5000 shocked the crowd and shocked Michaels. Jericho idolized Michaels, and this feud was great to see. We all wanted something more from both guys, and we got it. Was it the most shocking? No, but it worked perfectly and could be Jericho's best feud  of all time. The ring action afterwards made it all worth watching. A great way to make Jericho look like a huge heel was to have him attack a guy who has done so much in the WWE. Jealously, deception, and ego gave Jericho his surprising moment.