The Cashbox: Responding to Madden, THQ Stiffing Wrestlers


Undertaker said it about him and Triple during his promo Monday night on Raw. It's accurate. All things considered, they truly are the last of their kind. Two superstars from an era in professional wrestling that will likely never be matched again. It's an unfortunate truth.

However, WZ's Mark Madden recently tweeted (@MarkMaddenX) the following: "@JohnCena may turn out 2b wrestling's last full-time superstar. @CMPunk is close, 2. That's it, that's the list."

Could Cena and Punk be the last of "their" kind?

According to Madden, and I'm sure he'll correct me very quickly if I'm misinterpreting his message, there may NEVER be another pro wrestler that makes it to "that" level of superstardom. I'm not sure how he can make that statement when it hasn't even been a year since Punk landed himself there. What's changed in FIVE months to prevent someone else from doing the same thing?

I do agree that it's getting harder and harder to break through in this business, but to say it's impossible would be too premature.

I'm aware Mark Madden has a cynical look on the wrestling business these days and, most of the time, I can see past it in his writing. Not this time. His tweet contradicted itself. To include CM Punk in a potential "last of ANYTHING" list makes no sense when his inclusion on said list is so current in the first place.

It's like saying there will never be another Adele, immediately following her sweep of the Grammy's.