What’s Bothering Me? (In Professional Wrestling)

Jeff HardyI apologize for not including some of your submissions in this feature as of late. I will be getting back to that next week, so if you'd like to tell the rest of the world what's bothering you in professional wrestling, please email me at [email protected]

Karen Angle Promo on Jeff Hardy

What the hell was the point in Karen bringing up Jeff Hardy's wife, Beth, during their in-ring segment on Impact this week? The personal jab that followed regarding Hardy's problem "delivering" or whatever was also irrelevant to the cause and unnecessary.

TNA thinks this stuff is funny for some reason. It's not.

My biggest issue with it is that Karen doesn't need that type of material to pull off an effective promo. She is great at drawing enough heat without it. Let her go out there and do what she does, period. It works.

I was hoping TNA would move on from the Hardy/Jarrett story. Jarrett put Hardy over three times in one night on Sunday, so it felt like the end. It's apparently not and I'll be fine with that. But please leave the inside jokes out of it from now on.