Daniel Bryan Released: The Breakdown Of What To Believe

Reasons To Believe The Firing Is Legitimate….

The famous “wish him best in his future endeavors” announcement on WWE.com was posted. Typically when we see “firings” that are part of a story, the most activity we see is the wrestlers name being removed from the superstars page on WWE.com.

Bryan Danielson is not a product of the WWE. When a guy is over with the crowd and is different, you would think that he has solid job security, but the WWE did not get to design Danielson to the specifications that they have focused on in the past. He made himself a star in an underground format with fans that traditionally take an “anti WWE” attitude.

Reasons To Believe The Firing Is A Work….

The circulating reported explanation that him choking Justin Roberts was too violent and against the PG level of content sounds like something that would be out of this anarchy invasion type angle. They would tell us in the story that Justin Roberts was threatening to file a lawsuit etc etc…because he is a ring announcer or has emotional distress. Lets face it, if it was that serious of a matter, it would have been dealt with in a faster fashion. Obviously the time keeper and everyone else that was at ringside getting beat up knew that they would be apart of this. I find it hard to believe there was no prior discussion or instruction between Danielson, Justin Roberts, the writers, McMahon and Kevin Dunn that they would do that spot. The cameras were ready to pick it up, the director was ready to pick it up. Could Roberts really have been planning on just taking a stray punch and falling to the ground and instead let Danielson put him on his stomach and choke him with a tie?!

From the start of “Daniel Bryan” in the WWE, the whole gimmick has been that he is underground, internet sensation etc….

Michael Cole made a point to emphasize that for weeks.  If you were going to make any move to keep with this momentum of internet buzz that the invasion angle has gained and FIRED BRYAN DANIELSON…..to make the announcement online that he is fired and get the internet community engaged in this whole thing. Just look across the web at the amount of people who are waiting for RAW to see what happens with the NXT invasion angle plus any clues or explanation to this Daniel Bryan angle.

I will say that I hope it is a story. For a few reasons. Obviously I think he is a great performer and excited to see what he could do on the biggest stage in pro wrestling. I also think if this is a story, than its been done very well by the WWE. They have cranked it up from just removing a guys name from the superstars page and making this look very real and personal.

All we can do it continue to think about it, speculate and wait for RAW.

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