WWE SummerSlam 2019 Staff Picks

The Wrestlezone staff is back to pick the winners of WWE SummerSlam. It’s an interesting card filled with what should be a few exciting matches!

Check out our WWE SummerSlam predictions below!

Drew Gulak (c) vs. Oney Lorcan

  • Tyler Treese: Lorcan has the best Twitter account in all of WWE but Gulak will be too sneaky for him. Pick: Gulak
  • Harry Kettle: Pick: Gulak
  • Bill Pritchard: Pick: Gulak
  • John Clark: Pick: Gulak
  • Alex Santa Maria: Pick: Gulak
  • Colin Tessier: Pick: Gulak

Bayley (c) vs. Ember Moon

  • Tyler Treese: Moon needs a better build for her first title win. Pick: Bayley
  • Harry Kettle: Pick: Bayley
  • Bill Pritchard: Pick: Bayley
  • John Clark: Pick: Moon
  • Alex Santa Maria: Pick: Bayley
  • Colin Tessier: Pick: Bayley

AJ Styles (c) vs. Ricochet

  • Tyler Treese: Ricochet isn’t on Styles’ level right now. Pick: Styles
  • Harry Kettle: Pick: Styles
  • Bill Pritchard: Pick: Styles
  • John Clark: Pick: Styles
  • Alex Santa Maria: Pick: Styles
  • Colin Tessier: A win on this big stage could take Ricochet’s career to the next level but it wouldn’t make sense to have these two men play hot potato with the United States Championship. Pick: Styles

Trish Stratus vs. Charlotte Flair

  • Tyler Treese: This is a passing of the torch. Pick: Flair
  • Harry Kettle: Pick: Flair
  • Bill Pritchard: Pick: Flair
  • John Clark: Pick: Flair
  • Alex Santa Maria: Pick: Stratus
  • Colin Tessier: One of the hometown heroes has to win and it’s not going to be Natalya. Pick: Stratus

Finn Balor vs. Bray Wyatt

  • Tyler Treese: The guy with the new gimmick vs. someone that is going on vacation soon. Pick: Wyatt
  • Harry Kettle: Pick: Wyatt
  • Bill Pritchard: Pick: Wyatt
  • John Clark: Pick: Wyatt
  • Alex Santa Maria: Pick: Wyatt
  • Colin Tessier: Pick: Wyatt

Becky Lynch (c) vs. Natalya

  • Tyler Treese: No explanation needed. Pick: Lynch
  • Harry Kettle: Pick: Lynch
  • Bill Pritchard: Pick: Natalya
  • John Clark: Pick: Lynch
  • Alex Santa Maria: Pick: Lynch
  • Colin Tessier: Pick: Lynch

Goldberg vs. Dolph Ziggler

  • Tyler Treese: This will be the big moment for the returning legend. Pick: Goldberg
  • Harry Kettle: Pick: Goldberg
  • Bill Pritchard: Pick: Goldberg
  • John Clark: Pick: Goldberg
  • Alex Santa Maria: Pick: Goldberg
  • Colin Tessier: Ziggler deserves better than this match, which’ll likely be a squash. Pick: Goldberg

Kevin Owens vs. Shane McMahon

  • Tyler Treese: Owens isn’t retiring. Pick: Owens
  • Harry Kettle: Pick: Owens
  • Bill Pritchard: Pick: Owens
  • John Clark: Pick: Owens
  • Alex Santa Maria: Pick: Owens
  • Colin Tessier: Could this be the end of Shane’s reign of terror? Pick: Owens

Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Randy Orton

  • Tyler Treese: This is Kingston’s first real test as champion and he has to pass it for his run to mean something. Pick: Kingston
  • Harry Kettle: Pick: Kingston
  • Bill Pritchard: Pick: Kingston
  • John Clark: Pick: Orton
  • Alex Santa Maria: Pick: Kingston
  • Colin Tessier: Pick: Kingston

Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Seth Rollins

  • Tyler Treese: Rollins is coming into this match injured and has cooled off significantly. There is no reason for him to win. Pick: Lesnar
  • Harry Kettle: Pick: Lesnar
  • Bill Pritchard: Pick: Lesnar
  • John Clark: Pick: Lesnar
  • Alex Santa Maria: Pick: Lesnar
  • Colin Tessier: No chance Seth dethrones Brock here. Pick: Lesnar