Powerslam TV Review | Smash Wrestling Episode 100

Powerslam.TV continues to add more great wrestling each week, and I will be taking a look at a past show in the streaming service’s catalog every Friday. This week’s show is Smash Wrestling Episode 100, which features four matches from the first round of their Northern Tournament. It has a few names that all wrestling fans should know such as Ultimo Dragon, Matt Cross, and Tyson Dux.

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Smash Wrestling Episode 100 | Mike Bailey vs. John Greed

Bailey has a martial arts gimmick and came out wearing a gi as if he was a karateka. Meanwhile, John Greed is a depressed looking dude that smokes a cigar to the ring. I think Bailey is the face, but I’m instantly rooting for Greed here. Hilariously, Bailey takes off his gi but has a belt on that goes down to his knees. Talk about a ridiculous wardrobe choice. Gimmick aside, Bailey is a lot of fun to watch. He opened the match with a great backflip dive off the top turnbuckle. However, Greed quickly took control and used his significant size advantage to overpower his foe. Despite this, Bailey managed to battle back thanks to his superior technical skills. Greed was an effective heel as he got out of several near pinfalls thanks to outside interference and using the ropes. The big man even performed a frog splash and wasn’t able to put away Bailey. In the end, it was the heel’s shenanigans that wound up costing him as Bailey was able to kick Bailey into his own chair and secure the victory.

This was a really solid match and I came away really impressed by Mike Bailey despite not being a fan at first.

Smash Wrestling Episode 100 | Sebastian Suave vs. LuFisto

This was the lone intergender match on the card as LuFisto was the only female entrant in the Northern Tournament. Suave was a huge heel as he spat at LuFisto early on and was a complete asshat the entire way through. The match served its storyline purpose as Suave was allowed to be a completely smug heel and get a win in the tournament, but it wasn’t as entertaining bell-to-bell as the prior bout. Nothing bad enough to mock and nothing great enough to praise, so I’ll move on.

Smash Wrestling Episode 100 | Ultimo Dragon vs. Matt Cross

This was easily my most anticipated bout and the reason why I chose to watch this episode. I’ve been a fan of Ultimo Dragon since I was a kid, so this was an exciting prospect since Cross is a fine wrestler as well. Despite being 52, the Japanese wrestler hasn’t lost a step. He still looks great inside the ring and plays his babyface role perfectly. This was a fantastic technical wrestling match and easily the highlight of the evening. Ultimo Dragon felt like the star he is and the crowd was heavily invested in every moment because of it. One of the highlights included Cross landing a fantastic springboard cutter. In the end, Guerrero was able to lock a cradle for a pinfall after Cross missed a moonsault. Really fun match where both wrestlers looked strong.

Smash Wrestling Episode 100 | Tyson Dux vs. Carter Mason

Despite being close to the same height, Mason looked much smaller than Dux. This wound up being a pretty one-sided match at times as Dux kept throwing everything he had at Mason, but the underdog refused to back down. The match probably went a little too long, but the ending sequence was excellent as Carter Mason hit a spinning DDT and then locked in a guillotine choke. Dux managed to muscle himself out of the choke but got hit with an octopus stretch and then a crossface. It was an excellent submission grappling exchange and the bout finally came to an end after Dux hit a huge lariat.

Both men showed a lot of heart and while it could’ve been a few minutes shorter, this was a really solid match.

While you can probably skip the second bout, Smash Wrestling Episode 100 was a very fun hour of pro wrestling featuring some familiar and fresh names! I can definitely recommend it.

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