WWE SmackDown Live Review – KofiMania Celebration (4/9/18)

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SmackDown Live Review

Tonight’s episode of SmackDown Live was a jam packed one full of interesting events. To help you digest the episode, check out our five takeaways from the latest episode that showcased the blue brand in our SmackDown Live review for the April 9, 2018 episode.

New Day Celebrates & Big E Does The Splits … Again

How much fun are The New Day? They’re always having a blast performing and it really shines on television. Getting to see Big E do the splits again was quite the sight, and the celebration was a lot of fun. Sure, chanting “you deserve it” can seem trite at this point but Kofi Kingston really does deserve it. That’s why this segment worked.

Exciting New Feuds

While the six-man tag that preceded it felt like a filler match without meaning, there was plenty to be excited afterwards. Randy Orton vs. Ali should be fantastic as their shared moments in the ring beforehand have been great. Orton is a stellar heel. Additionally, I love seeing Kevin Owens be aggressive. Him dealing his own form of justice is great and I’m excited to see where it leads with Rusev.


I love all the superstars invading each brand. Braun Strowman vs. Samoa Joe isn’t a match that I knew I needed until now. This is a great hoss battle between two dudes that can put on one hell of a show. Plus, it’s great to see Strowman back to being a serious character rather than comedy.

It is a bit weird to basically spoil the result of the superstar shakeup before it happens, though.

New Champions!

Absolutely loved the match between the Hardys and Usos. Both teams are great in the ring and it was cool seeing two legendary teams finally interact. I also liked the veterans going over, as they haven’t had many significant feuds since coming back.

What I didn’t like was Lars Sullivan coming out and destroying them afterward. I guess it’s supposed to make me hate the guy, but it’s 2019, so I’m just mad at the dumb creative call.

Drew McIntyre & The Bar!?

I absolutely love The Bar teaming up with Drew McIntyre. I really hope that the allegiance is for more than just tonight. It feels like what the League of Nations really should’ve been. They also have a great New Day-type dynamic with Cesaro and Sheamus being great tag wrestlers and McIntyre being the singles star.

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