Wrestlezone Staff Picks: WrestleMania 35 Predictions

The Wrestlezone staff is back to pick the winners of WrestleMania 35. It’s the biggest event of the year and filled with what should be some exciting matches! It all kicks off at 5 p.m. ET and the pay-per-view starts at 7 p.m. ET.

Check out our WrestleMania 35 predictions below!

Buddy Murphy vs. Tony Nese (WWE Cruiserweight Championship)

  • Bill Pritchard: Pick: Buddy Murphy
  • Tyler Treese: There are very few great heels on 205 Live, but Murphy is one of them (even if he doesn’t remotely look like a cruiserweight). I think the champ retains here. Pick: Buddy Murphy
  • John Clark: Pick: Buddy Murphy
  • Alex Santa Maria: Pick: Buddy Murphy
  • Ross Berman: Pick: Buddy Murphy
  • Harry Kettle: Pick: Buddy Murphy
  • Colin Tessier: Murphy will keep the belt for a while longer. Pick: Buddy Murphy

Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

  • Bill Pritchard: Pick: Braun Strowman
  • Tyler Treese: I think we get an unannounced entrant in Owens, who is driven crazy by not having an actual place on the card, and winds up winning. Pick: Kevin Owens
  • John Clark: Pick: Braun Strowman
  • Alex Santa Maria: He’ll hide under the ring and somehow win this and then get the Pete Rose treatment. Pick: Colin Jost
  • Ross Berman: Pick: Michael Che
  • Harry Kettle: Pick: Braun Strowman
  • Colin Tessier: This match is a lose-lose for Strowman. Just a few months ago, he was supposed to face Brock Lesnar for the Universal Title at Royal Rumble.The big man’s downfall will continue here. I think it’s down to Ali and Andrade, two new stars with a lot of upside. Andrade needs it more. Pick: Andrade

Second Annual WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal

  • Bill Pritchard: Pick: Asuka
  • Tyler Treese: It’s time for Asuka to go on a rampage and show Vince why she deserves to be considered a top woman. Pick: Asuka
  • John Clark: Pick: Lacey Evans
  • Alex Santa Maria: Pick: Asuka
  • Ross Berman: Pick: Asuka
  • Harry Kettle: Pick: Asuka
  • Colin Tessier: My money’s on Lacey Evans winning this match, though she hasn’t been announced as.a participant yet. Eventually, she has to do more than walk around, right? Pick: Lacey Evans

Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre

  • Bill Pritchard: Pick: Roman Reigns
  • Tyler Treese: Upset alert. McIntyre took out Ambrose, now he works his way to Rollins. Pick: Drew McIntyre
  • John Clark: Pick: Roman Reigns
  • Alex Santa Maria: I’d love for Drew to win but Roman must be kept strong. Pick: Roman Reigns
  • Ross Berman: Pick: Roman Reigns
  • Harry Kettle: Pick: Roman Reigns
  • Colin Tessier: Drew needs the win but this match will officially mark Roman’s rise back to the top. Pick: Roman Reigns

AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton

  • Bill Pritchard: Pick: Randy Orton
  • Tyler Treese: This feud is too good to end at the first real match. Pick: Randy Orton
  • John Clark: I actually want Orton to come out on top but I don’t think thats in the cards at this point and time.  Pick: AJ Styles
  • Alex Santa Maria: Pick: AJ Styles
  • Ross Berman: Pick: Randy Orton
  • Harry Kettle: Pick: Randy Orton
  • Colin Tessier: The good guys can’t always win, right? Pick: Randy Orton

Kurt Angle vs. Baron Corbin (Angle’s Retirement Match)

  • Bill Pritchard: Pick: Kurt Angle
  • Tyler Treese: Angle will put the younger heel over as he leaves. Pick: Baron Corbin
  • John Clark: It’s his last match ever and what better way than to go out on top. It would be excellent heat for Corbin to win but I don’t think that is going to happen. I could see a potential squash win for Angle and Cena making his way out for another match. Pick: Kurt Angle
  • Alex Santa Maria: Bonus Guess: Kurt will not be pinning Baron Corbin at the end of his last match. Pick: Kurt Angle
  • Ross Berman: Pick: Baron Corbin
  • Harry Kettle: Pick: Kurt Angle
  • Colin Tessier: I’m not convinced Corbin is actually Angle’s opponent. But, if this match does happen, Angle wins and retires on a high note. Pick: Kurt Angle

The Miz vs. Shane McMahon (Falls Count Anywhere)

  • Bill Pritchard: Pick: The Miz
  • Tyler Treese: I believe WWE will continue this feud for a bit more. Shane gets some outside help and picks up a dirty win while Miz still looks valiant in his effort. Pick: Shane McMahon
  • John Clark: Pick: The Miz
  • Alex Santa Maria: I can see this one stretching out a few more PPVs. Pick: Shane McMahon
  • Ross Berman: Pick: The Miz
  • Harry Kettle: Pick: The Miz
  • Colin Tessier: Shane wins here, prolonging the feud. Pick: Shane McMahon

Triple H vs. Batista (No Holds Barred, Triple H’s Career On The Line)

  • Bill Pritchard: Pick: Batista
  • Tyler Treese: Easy to pick since Triple H isn’t retiring. Pick: Triple H
  • John Clark: HHH isn’t going to be hanging up the boots anytime soon. If this wasn’t a career match I would have highly contemplated taking Batista. Fortunately I don’t think Batista losing will mean his career is done so we could see him again sometime soon. HHH is going to win in what will be a surprisingly good match. Pick: Triple H
  • Alex Santa Maria: I don’t buy that Trips would stand by the stipulation if this happens, but I’d like him to! Pick: Batista
  • Ross Berman: Pick: Batista
  • Harry Kettle: Pick: Triple H
  • Colin Tessier: I don’t see Triple H retiring yet. Batista could always come back; his career isn’t literally on the line. Pick: Triple H

The Revival vs. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder (RAW Tag Team Titles)

  • Bill Pritchard: Pick: Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder
  • Tyler Treese: This seems to be made purely to make a “moment.” Pick: Hawkins and Ryder
  • John Clark: Pick: The Revival
  • Alex Santa Maria: Unfortunate for the Revival, but this is how you end the losing streak Pick: Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder
  • Ross Berman: Pick: Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder
  • Harry Kettle: Pick: Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder
  • Colin Tessier: In my book, Hawkins snapping his losing streak and Ryder getting a win on the biggest stage of them all would be the best WrestleMania moment. Woo Woo Woo. You Know it. Pick: Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder

The Usos vs. Ricochet & Aleister Black vs. The Bar vs. Rusev & Shinsuke Nakamura

  • Bill Pritchard: Pick: The Usos
  • Tyler Treese: I believe Ricochet & Black will get the RAW belts on Monday, so Usos retain here. Pick: The Usos
  • John Clark: People are enraged that The Hardy Boyz have been left out of this match but it is clear that Vince is saving that for Saudi. Therefore, The Usos must retain. Pick: The Usos
  • Alex Santa Maria: Pick: The Usos
  • Ross Berman: Pick: The Usos
  • Harry Kettle: Pick: The Usos
  • Colin Tessier: It’s probably down to the Usos and Ricochet/Black. The SD Tag Titles shouldn’t change hands here but Vince seems like he wants to make Black/Ricochet the company’s top stars. At the very least, the young team will get the win, and the titles, here. Pick: Ricochet & Aleister Black

Sasha Banks & Bayley vs. The IIconics vs. Beth Phoenix & Natalya vs. Nia Jax & Tamina

  • Bill Pritchard: Pick: Sasha Banks & Bayley
  • Tyler Treese: As cool as it is to see Phoenix return, there’s only one team worth pushing here. Pick: Sasha Banks & Bayley
  • John Clark: I toyed with the idea of taking The Divas of Doom but I just can’t see that happening. Banks & Bayley are a formidable tag team that will likely only drop the titles when another team makes a bigger splash in the tag scene with more exposure to TV. Pick: Sasha Banks & Bayley
  • Alex Santa Maria: Not likely, but a man can dream. Pick: IIconics
  • Ross Berman: Pick: Sasha Banks & Bayley
  • Harry Kettle: Pick: Sasha Banks & Bayley
  • Colin Tessier: Pick: Sasha Banks & Bayley

Bobby Lashley vs. Finn Balor (IC Title)

  • Bill Pritchard: Pick: Finn Balor
  • Tyler Treese: Another match for a moment, and this one is the demon entrance. Pick: Finn Balor
  • John Clark: The Demon is back. That alone is enough to see that he is winning this match. Pick: Finn Balor
  • Alex Santa Maria: Pick: Bobby Lashley
  • Ross Berman: Pick: Finn Balor
  • Harry Kettle: Pick: Finn Balor
  • Colin Tessier: Having Bálor win the title and drop it before ‘Mania doesn’t make a lot of sense. He’ll get it back here. The likely presence of the Demon makes this a near certainty. Pick: Finn Balor

Samoa Joe vs. Rey Mysterio (US Title)

  • Bill Pritchard: Pick: Samoa Joe
  • Tyler Treese: I want to see Mysterio with some gold. Pick: Rey Mysterio
  • John Clark: Rey Mysterio is already in rough shape from his last RAW match and Samoa Joe just won the belt. Joe is going to keep the belt for awhile and even if Mysterio can’t go, his replacement will not be defeating Joe. Pick: Samoa Joe
  • Alex Santa Maria: Pick: Samoa Joe
  • Ross Berman: Pick: Samoa Joe
  • Harry Kettle: Pick: Rey Mysterio
  • Colin Tessier: Pick: Samoa Joe

Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi Kingston (WWE Title)

  • Bill Pritchard: Pick: Kofi Kingston
  • Tyler Treese: KofiMania, baby!. Pick: Kofi Kingston
  • John Clark: It’s a feel good story and the perfect place to crown the first ever fully African American WWE champion. I do not think he will have a lengthy title reign but I do think he will win the championship. Maybe a good opportunity to break up the New Day soon also. Nevertheless, Kofi is going to win this match and finally be rewarded after 12 long years. Pick: Kofi Kingston
  • Alex Santa Maria: Pick: Kofi Kingston
  • Ross Berman: Pick: Daniel Bryan
  • Harry Kettle: Pick: Kofi Kingston
  • Colin Tessier: This needs to happen. The majority of fans would be legitimately unhappy if Kofi loses here. Pick: Kofi Kingston

Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins (Universal Title)

  • Bill Pritchard: Pick: Seth Rollins
  • Tyler Treese: Rollins will slay the beast as foretold. Pick: Seth Rollins
  • John Clark: With the rumors of WWE creative being upset with Rollins’ merchandise numbers and a lackluster build combined with Reigns being back on the roster, this is a perfect mix for Lesnar to retain the title. I can see him dropping it to Reigns in Saudi in a few months but Lesnar is signed on past Mania which results in him keeping the belt. Pick: Brock Lesnar
  • Alex Santa Maria: Pick: Brock Lesnar
  • Ross Berman: Pick: Brock Lesnar
  • Harry Kettle: Pick: Brock Lesnar
  • Colin Tessier: Nobody wants to see Brock retain here. And that’s exactly why he’ll win. Pick: Brock Lesnar

Becky Lynch vs. Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair (Winner Takes All – RAW & SmackDown Women’s Titles)

  • Bill Pritchard: Pick: Becky Lynch
  • Tyler Treese: The double champ does whatever the f— she wants. Pick: Becky Lynch
  • John Clark: The buildup to this match has Becky written all over it. There is no way they are pulling a main event swerve like they did last year with Lesnar. Becky is going to win this match and have her Mania moment standing tall in the ring. Pick: Becky Lynch
  • Alex Santa Maria: Pick: Becky Lynch
  • Ross Berman: Pick: Becky Lynch
  • Harry Kettle: Pick: Becky Lynch
  • Colin Tessier: Rousey’s likely taking some time off. If it comes down to Lynch and Flair, the smart money is on Lynch. Pick: Becky Lynch