How A Goldust Return Could ‘Justify’ The End Of Heel Authority Figures

How A Goldust Return Could ‘Justify’ The End Of Heel Authority Figures

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Let’s say a few months down the road, Goldust returns to Raw, ready once again for in-ring competition. However Stephanie, Baron Corbin or whoever assumes the heel authority position at the time, decides on high to give Goldust his walking papers. Angered, yet determined, Goldust leaves. We don’t see him for another solid month until a top babyface (take your pick, Vince) is closing out Raw by receiving a beat down by Braun Strowman. The lights go out and a song similar to the following Aerosmith kicks on:

Goldust comes out sans face paint in blue jeans and button up, looking more like his legendary blue-collar daddy than the Bizarre blonde from Hollywood, but he’s not alone. This time he’s got wrestling’s free agent “Cowboy” James Storm with him and the two proceed to slay “The Monster Among Men.” Raw closes out and next week Corbin is furious. Neither rogue roster members are to be seen until Corbin walks into his office to see Storm with his boots up on the desk, drinking a beer. Storm clues Corbin in that he and Dustin are taking over show per request of Kurt Angle so he can see his way out. Corbin refuses to leave until he realizes Goldust is there behind him. The two give him the boot and Raw continues on with a well planned and well-booked show. Monday Night has been invaded by some justice-seeking vigilantes.

Transition this to Smackdown and GM Paige introduces Goldust and Storm to the blue brand with open arms to uphold any unruliness. And soon, Vince comes from atop his ivory tower (ahem, Gorilla) to back the Storm and Goldust, giving them reign to rule the roost over Raw in alliance with Angle, thus exorcising WWE of it’s heel authority figure crutch and putting a well-deserved vet in a position to grow upon his golden legacy.

This may be fantastical, but it sure would be justified.

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