Batista vs Triple H Is The Match WWE Should Be Building To

Batista vs Triple H Is The Match WWE Should Be Building To

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SmackDown 1000 featured a great sequence that saw Evolution reunite for one night. While they teased some conflict between the members, nothing ever came to blows during the segment. One thing that was made clear was that Batista wants to face Triple H again, as he taunted his teammate and an intense staredown followed. While this is an exciting prospect, some fans are upset about the potential Batista vs Triple H match. Here’s why they shouldn’t be.

5 Reasons Batista vs Triple H is the Match to Make

They Have a History Together

Batista and Triple H just aren’t Evolution teammates. They have a long history together that is filled with Batista betraying his former mentor in order to challenge himself, and it has culminated in some classic wars between the two talents. There is a reason why rematches are so popular, and it’s because people want to see something again if it delivered so well the first time. There’s a rich history between the two, and it’s only fitting they get a match to cap it off.

Can Triple H Still Meaningfully Put Over Young Talent?

One of the main responses against the match is that both talents could be used to put over younger talent instead. Is that really the case, though? Triple H has spent a large part of the past decade losing to younger professional wrestlers at WrestleMania. It certainly worked for Daniel Bryan (who also got a rub from both Batista and Orton later that night), but it arguably is seeing diminishing returns. Seth Rollins didn’t seem like a bigger star after becoming the “king slayer,” and the coronation certainly didn’t make Roman Reigns into a fan favorite.

The Story Makes Sense

Triple H and Batista have always had a tumultuous relationship within the WWE. It’s one with fractures, reconnections, and some intense matches that are stuck in the mind of wrestling fans. What Batista said was true: Triple H has never toppled him in a major match. As a competitor, that should make Triple H want to prove himself against his contemporary. Not everything needs to be a blood feud, and this match makes perfect sense as a result.

It’s What Batista Wants

Batista is going to retire from professional wrestling soon, and he’s publicly stated that he wants his last match to be against Triple H. This is a man that has given his body to fans for well over a decade and could be filming movies rather than appearing at WWE events. However, he loves the business and wants to do one final act before he says goodbye. Shouldn’t he get to say that goodbye the way he wants to?

Two Legends Are Always A Draw

As someone that stares at traffic trends for a good part of every day, I can safely say that there is a ton of interest in the Undertaker/Kane vs D-Generation X match even if people online tend to complain about it. There are certain subjects that people will whine about and still tune in to see at the end of the day, and these legend-filled matches are in that category. People will watch Batista vs Triple H, and it will help drive WWE Network subscriptions come WrestleMania season.

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