The Three Count: This Is The Kevin Owens Fans Have Wanted To See

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Results

This week on WWE Friday Night SmackDown, many fans were still recovering from wolfing down way too much food on Thanksgiving. Others, like Roman Reigns pointed out, may have been begging for leftovers. But WWE never takes a day off, so viewers got to enjoy an episode WWE Friday Night SmackDown that admittedly dragged a bit, albeit with a few compelling developments sprinkled in here and there. But then the ending blew many fans away and left the WWE Universe begging for more.

kevin owens

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This Is The Kevin Owens Fans Have Wanted To See

Kevin Owens’ misusage has a common complaint, as the popular star has been stuck in lackluster feuds since his triumph over Seth Rollins at WWE WrestleMania 36. For several months now, fans have been hoping to see Owens thrust into the spotlight, where he belongs. After this week’s episode of WWE Friday Night SmackDown, Owens has finally reemerged as a main event player.

Owens delivered an outstanding performance with his post-match promo at the end of the night. He blatantly called out Roman Reigns, mocked “The Head of the Table,” and dared the WWE Universal Champion to fight him. In just a few brief minutes, Owens brilliantly sold fans on a likely match between “The Tribal Chief” and “The PrizeFighter.” Welcome back to the big time, Owens. You deserve it. The blue brand’s main event scene is on fire right now, with Reigns, Jey Uso and now Owens offering tremendous performances. Let’s hope this story keeps rolling.

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Blurred Lines On The Heel/Face Divide

Let’s touch base on how WWE is writing heels and faces these days. With Sami Zayn, we’re supposed to boo a man that condemns the injustices the colonists inflicted upon Native Americans. Meanwhile, fans are expected to cheer the outright cheating that the Mysterio family resorted to during Murphy’s match with King Corbin. We’ve all heard the idea that babyfaces and heels don’t really exist anymore, but these two segments bear mentioning because it’s fair to question the writing here.

There have been plenty of times where heels speak the truth, but fans are expected to boo them for their arrogant delivery. That argument may still apply to Zayn, but WWE could have focused on the “gluttony” Zayn spoke of in his diatribe on Thanksgiving. (He still wouldn’t have been wrong.) WWE could found a less controversial message for a heel that would have met the same goal. But by the end of the promo, this writer was strongly cheering for Zayn because he tells it like it is. Likewise, nobody can blame you if you sympathized with Corbin after he got robbed in his match with Murphy. The Mysterio family is practically becoming a heel faction, as they directly interfere in matches and break the rules. Corbin has every right to be outraged, and it’s hard to root for Murphy and the Mysterios as they continue to behave like villains.

big e

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Big E’s Time Is Now

Finally, Big E is getting another feud as a solo star. He had a successful rivalry with Sheamus, but the former New Day hype man has done absolutely nothing since then. Sure, he built his partners’ program with The Street Profits. Otherwise, he played a board game backstage. Yup, apparently creative hadn’t figured out what to do with Big E, an immensely talented superstar with “Future world champ” written all over him. Thankfully, that all changed tonight.

Big E stepped up to the WWE Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn. The two competitors got into a heated exchange that referenced Big E’s run with the gold several years ago. Big E then crushed Zayn’s hand in a lengthy shake to make fun of the champion’s count out victory over Daniel Bryan. If Friday night was any indication, WWE is building towards a match between Zayn and Big E, and this program could be the perfect story for the challenger’s ascension to the next level.

When it comes to WWE Friday Night SmackDown, there’s always so much to talk about. We haven’t even covered Carmella’s explanation of her recent actions, Uso’s vicious attack on Otis, and Bianca Belair’s exciting exchange with Bayley. But we broke down all of these developments and more on the newest episode of the SmackDown Double Down, so be sure to check it out and tune in next week.

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