WWE Survivor Series 2020 Preview: An All-Star Game Mixed With A Pointless Battle For Brand Supremacy

Sasha Banks At WWE Evolution

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Sasha Banks Is Ready For Asuka

Sasha Banks and Asuka will steal the show on Sunday night. In this matchup of the main roster’s women’s champions, “The Boss” takes on “The Empress of Tomorrow.” As with the main event, this bout is the best combination of superstars in this division that WWE could offer right now. By defeating Bayley in an emotional feud, Banks has rightfully taken her place as the champion of WWE Friday Night SmackDown. Asuka has reigned over WWE RAW for most of 2020, with the only deviation coming when Banks took the title from her in a controversial manner. Survivor Series offers these two world-class competitors the chance to tear the house down and erase the memory of their overbooked bout at WWE Extreme Rules.

It’s fair to expect more shenanigans, though. WWE may opt to protect both stars and avoid having either one take a loss via pinfall or submersion. Maybe Carmella will attack Banks again. Likewise, Jax and Baszler could take the fight to Asuka and remind her that they’re coming for her title. Hopefully, the match itself will be strong enough to make up for an ending that could leave some fans feeling frustrated.

drew mcintyre

Photo Credit: WWE

The Best of The Best

With McIntyre taking Randy Orton’s place as Roman Reigns’ opponent, WWE is giving away what should be an epic WrestleMania program after a minimal build. McIntyre appeared on the blue brand last week and set up this clash with “The Tribal Chief,” and their heated interaction left many fans begging for more. But most of us expected WWE to hold off on the payoff for a few months, if not longer. Instead, WWE is pulling the trigger on this matchup right now.

Reigns and McIntyre have both skyrocketed since their previous encounter at WWE WrestleMania 35. “The Big Dog” has been on fire since he turned heel, and he’s doing the best work of his career as this new character. McIntyre, on the other hand, finally fulfilled the prophecy Mr. McMahon predicted years ago, as he won the WWE Championship earlier this year. Some fans were disappointed by his title run, but the “Sexy Scotsman” slayed “The Viper” and recaptured the title this past week. Since McIntyre reclaimed his throne, the stage has been set for a star-studded showdown that should certainly provide fans with an electric main event.

This match will be bittersweet, regardless of the result. If WWE had been patient, they could have drawn the story out and eventually delivered an exceptional program between the top two stars they currently have available. Instead, the narrative we’ve gotten, of WWE’s premier champions facing off, has been rushed. But maybe that feeling is fitting, as Survivor Series, more than ever before, has become an All-Star Game rather than a meaningful pay-per-view.

Either way, McIntyre and Reigns will likely put on a good match and end the show on a strong note. But fans will inevitably be left wondering whether WWE would have been better off by waiting to put this exciting match in the main event of a fan-favorite event.

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