It’s Time To Shake Things Up Again: Ten Moves That Need To Happen In The 2020 WWE Draft


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Ricochet Takes Flight On SmackDown

Once upon a time, Ricochet was one of WWE’s brightest stars. When he moved to the main roster, his incredible athleticism blew many fans away. He’s a world-class high flyer, and he has the potential to be a main eventer. But WWE soured on Ricochet shortly after his brief run with the WWE United States Championship. It became clear that, in his promos, he couldn’t give the Powers That Be what they wanted. So Ricochet’s stock plummeted. He practically went from being a hot prospect to struggling as a borderline jobber on RAW.

Let it be known that this writer is a big fan or Ricochet. He’s got all the talent in the world, and he looks like a superstar. But especially since Paul Heyman left RAW, Ricochet has been floundering. He’s stuck in the repetitive role of Apollo Crews’ generic babyface pal. It’s time to shake things up for the One and Only, with a move to SmackDown and, potentially, a future heel turn in the cards.


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Lana Gets A Change Of Scenery

Lana desperately needs to leave RAW. First, Nia Jax has slammed her through a broadcast table three times in recent weeks. The latest occasion came when Jax and Shayna Baszler stormed to the ring, when they weren’t even scheduled to be there, and utterly dominated Lana and Natalya. WWE isn’t even trying to be subtle with this burial. Some fans think the company is “punishing” Lana for her husband Miro’s decision to sign with All Elite Wrestling. Others think WWE is using Lana to make a statement about third-party platforms. Either way, it’s clear that she needs to leave RAW.

There’s a place for Lana on SmackDown. She feels like she’d be a good fit with Carmella, who recently returned with a new gimmick. They could form a tag team together or, along with Natalya, this team could become a stable. Lana briefly found some success during her controversial storyline with Rusev and Bobby Lashley,  so she can thrive again with a move to the blue brand.

Chad Gable

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Shorty G Gets Retribution

This past week on SmackDown, Sheamus squashed Shorty G, and the decisive victory reflected how far the former Chad Gable has fallen. Last year, Gable had an incredible run in the King of the Ring tournament. In the final, he lost a remarkable match to Baron Corbin. Still, Gable was briefly pushed, albeit in a way that was doomed to fail. Gable became the butt of many short jokes, and his storylines didn’t have much depth beyond a heel insulting his height. Changing his name to Shorty G arguably turned the former Olympian into a joke in the eyes of the WWE Universe, and he faded into obscurity shortly thereafter.

When Shorty turned heel by aligning with King Corbin, it temporarily seemed like his career was back on track. But Sheamus’ utter dominance in their match made it clear that Gable continues to get the short end of the stick. Moving to RAW could resuscitate Gable’s career. There might be a spot for him in Retribution, a stable that is evidently led by his former partner, Mustafa Ali.

vince mcmahon bianca belair

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Bianca Belair Moves To SmackDown

Bianca Belair looks like she’s poised to become a standout player on RAW. In recent weeks, she’s been in vignettes that have reminded viewers of Mr. Perfect’s classic clips. With a new (potentially) heel attitude, she could naturally slot in as a challenger for Asuka, a face champion who needs a new contender. But for months, Belair has been shoved to the sidelines on RAW. She was randomly called up from NXT earlier this year, and she teamed up with her husband, Montez Ford, and Angelo Dawkins. But her booking has been inconsistent at best since her move to the main roster, and she’s been primarily relegated to WWE Main Event.

With a move to SmackDown, WWE could continue Belair’s new direction as an analog of Mr. Perfect. Whether she’s a heel or a face, Belair can become a star on the blue brand, which needs new talent in the women’s division. She’s even set up a feud with WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley. On her Twitter page, Belair openly told Bayley to fight her. This story’s ripe for the picking, and WWE needs to capitalize.

Johnny Gargano

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Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae Stay In NXT

A lot of fans and analysts think that Johnny Gargano and/or Candice LeRae will get drafted to RAW or SmackDown. As a duo, they’ve seemingly done everything they can on NXT. Their future on the black-and-gold brand looks unclear. But these two stars don’t need to leave NXT. Instead, the Gold Standard of Sports Entertainment needs them to stay.

Gargano is the heart and soul of NXT. Though he’s currently a heel, Gargano still has a special connection with fans. Plus, as one of the brand’s most talented wrestlers, he can make any member of the NXT roster look like a million bucks. This skill is priceless for a brand that’s meant to craft WWE’s next stars. A similar argument holds true for LeRae. Though NXT has an incredibly deep women’s division, LeRae can still flourish. Her star power and natural charisma make her stand out among her peers. Like Gargano, she can help younger stars get over, too. WWE might be tempted to move the couple to RAW or SmackDown, but they’re better off on NXT.

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