5 Dream Feuds We Want To See After WWE Survivor Series 2019

Survivor Series weekend has officially concluded as have the Interbrand wars. We will now go back to the regular brand split again and any potential crossovers will come to an end for the time being. That’s probably a good thing since it’s always nice to have a more defined brand split. For one, it leads to solid feuds on each show and gives out more opportunities while respecting the exclusivity of each brand.

The interesting part of the build this year, of course, was the addition of NXT. Since WWE had the Wild Card rule for half the year, there was no chance they could have a RAW vs SmackDown war and use the same tagline they always use. It led to quite a few Interbrand crossovers and the Elimination matches, in particular, featured 15 people overall.

While that seems like a bit of a cluster, it translated well in the Men’s Elimination Match as it was the best one of its kind in the last three years. It also teased some dream matches that fans want to see and here are the five we want the most.

bianca belair

Photo Credit: WWE

#5.) Bianca Belair vs Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair recently stated in an interview that she believes Bianca Belair has the “it” factor to make it big on the main roster. She has been full of praise for The EST of NXT, recognizing the talent that she possesses. Belair is one of the best female talents to come out of the Performance Center in its 6-year history and it’s clear that she has everything it takes to make it big.

Flair even revealed that she’d be interested in a WrestleMania match against her, confident that Belair will make it to the big stage. It’s a dream crossover match we’d love to see.

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