Full Gear 2019: 5 Things AEW Got Right

Photo Credit: WrestleZone, All In Press Conference

AEW’s first PPV after Dynamite is officially in the books and it delivered in a big way. The only real criticism that came from it was the overall length of the show, but other than that, they put on quality wrestling as always. It’s only the company’s third major PPV since May but they’ve managed to make it feel as fresh and special as they possibly can with compelling storytelling and a great match card, to begin with.

With that being said, the company and PPV weren’t without its faults, but the good things on the PPV far outweighed the bad and that’s why we’ll be focusing on the more positive aspects of the PPV. Here’s what AEW got right at Full Gear!

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

#5.) A great women’s match

One of the biggest criticisms that AEW has gotten (and a very valid one at that) is the lack of depth in their women’s division. They have a couple of great wrestlers but outside of Riho, they haven’t had much luck making major stars in the division. Granted, good things take time, but the reality is that WWE has the strongest Women’s division in wrestling by a country mile and it’s not even close.

With that said, Riho and Emi Sakura put on a fantastic match that got the crowd fired up. Many considered it to be the match of the night and it needed no stipulations, gimmicks or anything else to be great. Riho has become a full-fledged star and Emi Sakura proved to be a fantastic opponent who is not only highly-skilled but deceptively agile as well. She will undoubtedly challenge for the title in the future.

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