Survivor Series: Seth Rollins Joining Team NXT Would Actually Be Best For Business

Seth Rollins was met by Triple H when addressing his future on the November 4th episode of RAW. It’s been a rough few months for Seth Rollins, even after he regained the Universal Championship from Brock Lesnar. He’s had a bit of a downfall in terms of popularity and his comments outside the ring has only led to more fans turning on him.

Moreover, the popularity of The Fiend meant that he was the de-facto heel in that rivalry, with fans being more than pleased about the fact that Seth Rollins lost the title to Bray Wyatt. When addressing his future, Triple H gave him a “You’re either with us or against us” ultimatum. Though the episode of RAW ended with The Undisputed Era beating him down at the orders of Triple H (with further chaos ensuing), it’s a fascinating storyline concept.

Seth Rollins has had one of the best character arcs in WWE and here are a few reasons why he should join the Yellow Brand for Survivor Series.

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