First Shot Fired: Why NXT Was Added To The Mix At Survivor Series

Survivor Series 2019 will present a very different edition from the previous years. Since the brand split was revived in 2016, the theme of Survivor Series was “The one night of the year where RAW and SmackDown face off in head-to-head competition”. It was a buzz line that was repeated and to be fair, having RAW vs SmackDown as a one-night-a-year ordeal certainly kept the novelty of the brand wars.

It was always exciting but marred by the fact that RAW was often given lopsided wins, with SmackDown being presented as the weaker brand. This year we have a new addition to Survivor Series with NXT being a part of the inter-brand wars. Many wondered why it took WWE this long, but for some, the timing couldn’t be more perfect and we agree with that.

Here are a few reasons why WWE added NXT to the mix at Survivor Series 2019.

#5.) To give attention to Wednesday Nights

NXT is just over a month into their USA Network debut, where they’re going head-to-head with All Elite Wrestling. They’ve done everything in their power so far to try and beat AEW in the ratings and adding the brand to Survivor Series will lead many to tune into NXT on Wednesday Nights.

It’s a win-win because it helps give the larger audience exposure to NXT and a reason to tune in to the USA Network on Wednesday to watch the Yellow brand. Moreover, knowing that there could be a crossover within NXT itself makes it all the more interesting, giving it a huge edge over AEW.

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