WWE Draft 2019: 5 SmackDown Superstars Who Will Benefit The Most

The WWE 2019 Draft is officially in the books and it’s safe to say that it was quite a success. It wasn’t an outrageously one-sided roster for any brands and if you look at all divisions on both brands, they’re pretty evenly stacked. While SmackDown appears to be a bit heavier on the main eventers, RAW undoubtedly possesses more young, fresh talent who are all future main eventers.

But this article is all about SmackDown. Whenever there’s a draft, there are superstars who are forgotten about and those who benefit greatly from it. The big question is as to who is going to benefit the most on the blue brand now that they’ve moved to FOX. WWE is reportedly taking a whole new direction, so it’s going to be exciting to see who is a part of that.

Here are five superstars who will benefit the most from the draft on SmackDown.

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