5 Ways AEW Dynamite Can Become A Smashing Success

All Elite Wrestling’s debut of Dynamite was all-around a huge success and it even edged WWE NXT in the ratings, earning 1.4 million viewers, some 600,000 more than NXT. The impact of their show was so big that even WWE was forced to issue a statement congratulating them and even acknowledging them.

However, this was week one and naturally, there was always going to be more interest in AEW since it is the new product. But the reality is that NXT is going to look to continually step up its game and the full 2-hour show on the USA Network was an indication of that, as they came out with all guns blazing at the start and ended it in a big way too.

If AEW wants Dynamite to succeed, here are five things they must do.

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