An Explosive Debut: What AEW Got Right In The Series Premiere Of ‘Dynamite’

The premiere episode of AEW: Dynamite is officially in the books and it’s safe to assume that it was a resounding success. AEW had so much buzz about them that even the Los Angeles Times confirmed that their most-read article was about AEW, beating the usual political articles that get a buzz.

When you get attention on that level and sell out an arena in a quarter of an hour, there’s something right. Cody Rhodes and crew started strong and were up against some seriously stiff competition in NXT. While the latter brand did fantastic in their own right, the overall attention was geared towards All Elite Wrestling and the buzz surrounding it.

While it wasn’t an outright perfect show, it was satisfying enough as a debut that it caught a lot of eyes. Hopefully, this means a new period in wrestling and we, the fans, are going to be the winners at the end. Here are a few things AEW got completely right on the debut of Dynamite.

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