Sticking With The Flagship: 5 WWE Superstars Who Haven’t Left RAW Since The Brand Split

Monday Night RAW is WWE’s flagship show and no matter how hard they try to push and promote SmackDown Live, it has been evident that RAW is always their #1 priority. During the return of the brand split in 2016, it was clear in the draft alone that RAW had gotten a much stronger roster.

The fact that SmackDown utilized theirs better is a whole different story, but what can be seen from both editions of the brand split is that whenever a SmackDown superstar has excelled on the brand, they usually take them and put them on RAW, hoping for the same results. However, there have only been a select few who have never really changed brands since the brand split began in the first place.

This list looks at the RAW superstars who have been Team Red since Day 1.

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