True Blue: 5 WWE Superstars Who Haven’t Left SmackDown Since The Brand Split

Since the Brand Split was re-introduced, the concept of the “draft” had gone away, only to return in 2019. However, in those three years, WWE instead introduced a new concept of drafting called the “Superstar Shake-Up”. This shake-up saw a very random selection of superstars changing brands, often with negative effects.

2017, for example, turned out to be disastrous for SmackDown as many of the main superstars who made it great before were taken away. Then again, that was just history repeating itself. There have been many superstars who have gone back and forth, and then there have been those superstars who literally changed brands every single superstar shake-up.

However, the rarer few have been superstars who have never really left the brand since the draft. These few superstars have been blue, through and through!

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