5 Most Deceptively Agile Superstars In WWE Today

One of the best things about professional wrestling is that there are such a wide variety of athletes of all shapes and sizes. We’ve seen some of the physically biggest superstars become larger-than-life characters in themselves. But one of the common perceptions was that high-flying, fast-paced moves are meant only for smaller superstars.

According to basic logic, that does hold. After all, they do have less weight to carry and can focus on speed and technique a lot more than bigger superstars, who are more power-move based. The same even applies to MMA and Boxing, where smaller weight divisions usually comprise of incredibly fast and agile athletes while heavier ones have more to do with power.

However, wrestling often defies this logic. Especially over the last few years, we have seen the emergence of many “big men” who are capable of a lot more athletically than their size might suggest. WWE has quite a few of them and these are the most deceptively agile athletes there are.

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