WWE Clash Of Champions 2019: What WWE Did Right At The PPV

AJ Styles

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

#4.) Putting AJ Styles on the Kickoff show to garner interest

In nearly 4 full years in WWE, AJ Styles has never wrestled on the Kickoff show – until Clash of Champions 2019. It seemed as though it was an abrupt decision to put The Phenomenal One on the Kickoff show and there was instant skepticism, especially because Styles vs Cedric Alexander would fit well as a main card match.

However, WWE putting Styles on the Kickoff show meant that they did it to draw interest in the pre-show. It’s not often they do such things, but it’s a refreshing change. Since it’s free and accessible to many viewers across the world, they would probably have been happy to see AJ Styles defending the United States title on the Kickoff show.

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