5 NXT Superstars Who Probably Shouldn’t Join The Main Roster

It was only a few years ago when fans would be genuinely excited over the prospect of an NXT call-up to the main roster. Seeing a superstars’ success on NXT and how they would thrive as performers, the general assumption was that they would become even bigger stars on the main roster.

However, fans have had to learn the hard way that success in NXT rarely translates to success on the main roster. As a result, the general level of excitement for NXT call-ups have drastically reduced over the past couple of years, with fans hoping that certain superstars stay down at NXT so they continue to thrive in an environment that lets them do so.

Moreover, the addition of NXT to the USA Network now means that we’ll be seeing superstars spend a few years at the yellow brand before eventually getting called up. Regardless, there are a select few superstars who will always do better in NXT and it’s not a detriment to them. For the sake of creative freedom, these five superstars shouldn’t be called up to the main roster.

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