5 Current WWE Superstars Who Need A Mouthpiece

In WWE, the reality is that character work and mic skills are tools that are valued far higher than a superstars’ in-ring ability. Sure, it is the pinnacle of the industry and superstars are expected to hold a certain standard of in-ring ability, but that’s not the first priority. The ability to talk always helps a superstar move forward.

That’s exactly why ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin gave advice to a young Kevin Owens at an airport saying “Don’t stop running your mouth”. Unfortunately, a sad reality is that today’s roster isn’t the most skilled as a whole on the mic. From an in-ring perspective, this is undoubtedly the greatest roster they’ve had yet, but that isn’t always what connects and resonates with the larger audience.

There is a reason why many wrestlers over the past decades have had mouthpieces. The promotion would recognize where their weakness was and would give them a mouthpiece in order to protect them and overexposing them on the mic. Here are a few superstars who would undoubtedly benefit from having a mouthpiece.

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