Enemies Make Better Friends: 5 WWE Rivals Who Ended Up Becoming Tag Team Champions Together

john cena

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There has been a few fascinating cases where two top superstars who are rivals end up teaming together and somehow winning the tag team championships as well. Of course, these wins are purely for storyline purpose and it doesn’t really result in long title reigns. If anything, these championship reigns are always short in nature and they end rather abruptly as well when one partner turns on another.

Ultimately, the titles are just a prop to further a storyline between these two superstars and it has resulted in some very entertaining television. You’ll find John Cena on this list on multiple occasions. He’s won the tag titles on four different occasions with four different partners, but for the sake of having a diverse list, only two of his wins will be included on this list.

Seth Rollins

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#5.) Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman

The most recent example on the list, Seth Rollins’ first feud as a 2-time Universal Champion came up against Braun Strowman. Though it was anything but a grudge rivalry, it still counts because of the feud. Either way, the two babyface rivals got along perfectly to take on Gallows & Anderson around 8 days removed from SummerSlam.

They would capture the RAW Tag Team titles together, meaning that Seth Rollins became a 3-time Double Champion – the first in WWE history to achieve this feat.

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