5 Things That Will Happen When NXT Moves To The USA Network

NXT is all set for a major change this coming September. It was announced that on September 18th, NXT will officially be making the move to USA Network, thus turning into a live 2-hour show. This is a drastic change and one that’s been 7 years in the making. NXT has come a long way ever since its rebranding from a game show to a developmental territory and with each passing Takeover show, the brand has only gotten bigger and better.

Despite the fact that so much of its talent constantly goes up to the main roster, the Performance Center is filled with young and hungry talent who are willing to take their place and have a big spot on the show. This change is going to be one that fans will be both skeptical and excited about.

One of the major charms of NXT was the pre-taped show and the fact that it was so easy to watch in an hour. Moreover, the Full Sail crowd has generally always been lively and they’ve been able to work around ways to ensure that they don’t feel burned out. Here are some of the major happenings that will occur once NXT moves to the USA Network.

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