5 Great WWE Storylines That Ended With An Underwhelming Payoff

WWE has had several great storylines over the past few decades. When you have a weekly episodic television show that airs non-stop week after week, it’s genuinely very difficult to come up with fresh and exciting storylines. However, since they are the very peak of the business, they’re expected to deliver every single week and every single PPV.

With that being said, WWE creative has come up with some really good storylines. But that’s only the start of it. It’s one thing to create a storyline, another to keep it rolling for a specific period of time while keeping it engaging and then finally, it must have a good payoff to end it.

This is where the problem has been on many occasions for WWE. They’ve had incredible storylines that created excitement and intrigue, only to disappoint fans at the end with an extremely underwhelming payoff. There have been a variety of reasons for these, but it doesn’t really seem excusable.

Here are five great storylines that ended in underwhelming fashion.

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