Keeping The Momentum: The Post-SummerSlam Direction RAW Needs

Paul Heyman

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

WWE has taken a new direction and it was made clear on the RAW after SummerSlam. Not all feuds were concluded, but a general portion of the main rivalries came to a close at the biggest party of the summer. Now, it looks as though we’re truly entering the Paul Heyman Era and we couldn’t be more excited!

There has been a lot of promise with regards to the programming and the fact that PPVs keep delivering on a consistent basis only gives fans more reason to trust and hope for a better product. While the first RAW after SummerSlam certainly wasn’t the strongest, it laid the foundation for some really interesting things that lie ahead for the red brand.

Here are five directions that WWE must take and five things they must do post-SummerSlam on RAW.

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