SummerSlam: Why Is Goldberg Returning So Quickly For Another Match?


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Goldberg made a surprising return on the final RAW before SummerSlam to sign a contract that will see him face Dolph Ziggler at WWE SummerSlam 2019. It was all a ploy by The Miz, who set up the stage and provoked Dolph Ziggler to sign a contract. The Miz then topped it off by saying that he would see Ziggler… the following Monday on RAW.

At first, he fooled Ziggler into thinking he was facing Shawn Michaels, only to reveal that he would really be facing the man whose name he took week after week in a derogatory way – Goldberg. While it was heavily rumored by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Goldberg was returning for SummerSlam, the reaction meant that there was still a bit of surprise to it.

However, more than Goldberg appearing, the surprise is as to how he’s returning so quickly after his last outing at Saudi Arabia – and we all know how that went. Regardless, Goldberg vs Dolph Ziggler is official for SummerSlam and here is why he’s returning so quickly.

#5.) To right the wrong of Saudi Arabia

We don’t need to go into details as to just how much of a disaster the main event of WWE Super ShowDown at Saudi Arabia was. It saw two old legends far past their prime go at it against each other in what was a rather painful special attraction match to watch. While it did hold the pedigree to main event the show, WWE probably realized their mistake.

The same way that The Undertaker took no time to return, Goldberg probably felt as though he needed to right that wrong. Nobody would blame him because if he didn’t, his final memory in WWE would be the Super ShowDown match.