5 Things WWE Fans Won’t Realize About Roman Reigns Until He Retires

Roman Reigns was at one point labelled as the most “polarizing” star in WWE today, but the reality is that those reactions told a different story – and it wasn’t “polarizing”. From early 2015 up until late 2018, Roman Reigns remained as the single most hated WWE superstars by the vocal audience.

Of course, like John Cena, he was able to connect with the female and children demographic – one that is a lot larger than many people realize. Unfortunately, it meant that on a week-to-week basis, the vocal audience would constantly reject him, though it wasn’t all their fault either (we’ll get back to this later).

With that said, once Reigns announced his battle with leukemia in late October 2018, a wave of sympathy and respect overflowed for The Big Dog, who had to undergo the battle of a lifetime. Though his expected return to the ring was January 2020, he managed to return in a matter of months and even on time for WrestleMania 35.

Though the overall sentiment towards Roman Reigns has definitely shifted for the better, there are still a lot of things about him that many WWE fans won’t realize about him until he’s retired. Given his health, we don’t know when that is but we hope we get to see him at his best while he’s around.

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