5 Interesting Observations From WWE’s RAW Reunion

Steve Austin

Photo by George Napolitano/FilmMagic

WWE’s RAW Reunion was quite an interesting episode as a whole. It had a very feel-good moment and in unusual fashion, didn’t end with an angle that would further other storylines. It was a wholesome moment that saw ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin bring all the legends together in the ring for a swig of beer.

Other than that, the current crop of superstars weren’t given as much airtime as usual. Of course, it was a reunion special so there was always bound to be a presence of legends, but this was perhaps a little more than usual as compared to specials like RAW 25 and RAW and SmackDown 1000.

As we know, WWE loves giving fans its dose of nostalgia and USA Network probably felt it would be a good move to do so in order to boost the ratings a bit. Whether it does or not is yet to be seen, but there were a few interesting things we noticed about the RAW Reunion.

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