Tale Of The Tape: Who Is The Real Mr. SummerSlam?

the undertaker

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

SummerSlam is the second biggest PPV in WWE history and has played host to some of the greatest matches and moments in WWE history. For over three decades, the biggest party of the summer has been responsible for some of the most thrilling and anticipating moments ever. There have been a few stars who have shined brighter at the PPV than others, but only a few stand out.

Some even call SummerSlam the “WrestleMania for heels” due to the high number of heels winning big matches at the PPV. Either way, it’s always been a huge stage and there are three superstars who stand out to us the most: The Undertaker, Bret “The Hitman” Hart and Brock Lesnar.

There are various reasons why they’re considered up and above the rest, but it primarily has to due with factors such as longevity, record and impact caused at the PPV (which we’d argue is the most important factor). For example, Hulk Hogan has the most perfect SummerSlam record to date, competing at the PPV 6 times and winning on all six occasions.

However, while he has always been a main event star, the quality of matches that he had in themselves were nothing spectacular in hindsight. Sure, that really didn’t matter as much back in the day, but when viewing it now, it’s clear that he didn’t define the PPV the same way that Hart or Undertaker or Lesnar did.

Let’s look at each competitor and analyze who can rightfully be called “Mr. SummerSlam”.