5 Takeaways From WWE Extreme Rules 2019

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

#5.) WWE has huge plans for Drew McIntyre

It feels as though it’s been a while since WWE properly pushed Drew McIntyre. He is long overdue for one because he has now spent over a year on the main roster and needs to climb up the card. With that said, patience is a virtue and it’s clear that McIntyre’s time will come sooner than later. It’s just a matter of when WWE decides there is enough space for him on top.

However, as for the immediate future of McIntyre, it seems like WWE has big plans for him as a feud between himself and The Undertaker was teased at Extreme Rules. McIntyre showed no fear whatsoever of The Deadman and took it to him like few have before. It seems as though we’ll be getting a SummerSlam bout between the two.

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