5 Things WWE Can Do To Appeal More To The Teenage Fanbase

vince mcmahon

Photo by Michael N. Todaro/Getty Images

With Paul Heyman in charge, Dave Meltzer mentioned on the post-SmackDown episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE is trying hard to transition into a new period and appeal especially with a teenage fanbase. This makes a lot of sense because before Jim Ross had left to All Elite Wrestling, he stated that the company wanted to grow younger while he was growing older, so it didn’t make sense for him to stay.

WWE has constantly tried to reinvent and appeal to various demographics across the world. For example, when WWE felt they needed to capture the Indian market, they instantly started pushing Jinder Mahal to the top (though it could have been handled better over a long-term period of time).

Since WWE does have a vast, expansive global market, there are a lot of factors to take in hand and they often get the short end of the stick with heavy criticism and more. Either way, when WWE really wants to target a demographic, they try all sorts of new things. Here are a few things they need to do to appeal to the teenage demographic again.

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