Shane McMahon: Why The Best In The World Has Been A Focal Point Of SmackDown

(Photo by Raymond Hall/GC Images)

It’s 2019 and Shane McMahon has become an extremely frequent part of WWE television for the first time in over a decade. He returned in 2016 to one of the all-time great pops, but at the time, he was restricted to being an authority figure, only really appearing when he was required to. And frankly, that was perfect for him (and any authority figure on-screen). It was similar to NXT, where General Manager William Regal only really appears when necessary.

He isn’t a part of storylines but is simply like a prop that furthers a storyline between two or more superstars. However, in 2019, Shane McMahon turned heel for the first time in ages, turning on The Miz and even beating him at WrestleMania 35. Ever since then, Shane McMahon has seemingly winded down his role as SmackDown commissioner and is now an authority figure on both shows, even becoming a top heel and keeping a few lackeys with him.

The weird part is that as of early June 2019, he hasn’t even been pinned once in the year. Prior to this, his role was usually to put over other superstars, such as AJ Styles. Shane McMahon appearing frequently hasn’t been met with good reception, but there are a few reasons why WWE is doing this. Here’s why.

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